Salle Restaurant La Squadra Trattoria Castellet
Pizza at Restaurant La Squadra near Circuit Paul Ricard
Lunch at the Trattoria Restauration Italien La Squadra
Tiramisu at the Italian Restaurant La Squadra


Trattoria La Squadra, Restaurant Circuit du Castellet
Pizza La Squadra Castellet, Restaraunt Circuit Paul Ricard

The restaurant, La Squadra Trattoria

All the fans of real Italian cuisine meet at La Squadra in Le Castellet, five minutes from Circuit Paul Ricard. Young and old, and professionals working on the racing circuit come here to enjoy this restaurant's simple and generous cuisine. 

Friends, colleagues and families can sit, trattoria-style, in the contemporary dining room with its large windows or on the terrace in the shade of the big sails. The joy of being together in a comfortable, friendly setting! And everyone has fun deciding which pizza to choose. Unless you succumb to Italian charcuterie; and why not their fresh pasta? And those with a sweet tooth agree you should try everything, not forgetting the homemade tiramisu and the Italian-style profiteroles.

Set some dates in your calendar for delightful Sundays sharing an Italian brunch with friends or family, enjoying the garden and the pool with a delicious Italian buffet. Whether you're coming from Le Castellet, Aubagne, Toulon or even Marseille, La Squadra Trattoria is the ideal destination for a relaxing weekend.

Chef Christophe Bacquié & Marco Casolla, Restaurant La Squadra

A passionate team

La Squadra borns from two passionated Chefs, the Chef Christophe Bacquié, holder of the coveted title Meilleur Ouvrier de France and three-star Chef, and Marco Casolla, Italian Chef. Chefs share the same passion for the Mediterranean terroir. And to highlight it even more, they are constantly searching for the best products all over Italy. 
They combine their talent and creativity to create colourful and flavourful Italian food that takes a fresh look at the great classics but never loses touch with them. Their food is beautiful, delicious and full of sunshine! 

Aperitif Squadra in Castellet in the Var

100% Italian cuisine

The Chef takes you on a journey through the terroirs of the entire peninsula between lyrical Tuscany, picturesque and volcanic Naples and Campania south of Rome. A multi-faceted, scintillating and fragrant gourmet journey to discover passionate producers, strongly attached to their land and its traditions, lovers of excellence. These encounters have fostered collaborations that allow him to offer exclusive, high quality Italian products. The charcuterie comes from Rovaniati, the mozzarella is from Latteria Sorrentina, and they use 100% Italian (long drying) Petra wheat flour.

Pizza Squadra Castellet, Restaurant Circuit Paul Ricard


On your calendars: the Italian brunch for happy Sundays with friends or family while enjoying the garden and the swimming pool around a succulent Italian buffet. Whether you come from Le Castellet, Aubagne, Toulon or even Marseille, La Squadra is the ideal destination for your relaxing weekends.

Aperitif Italien Squadra, Restaurant Castellet
Dessert italien Dolci Trattoria Squadra Castellet
Spritz Bar Squadra Castellet, Restaurant Circuit Paul Ricard

The Bar

The Bar, which is next to the Italian restaurant, offers a range of wines and Italian craft beers, and a Spritz bar offers a selection of five delicious Spritz cocktails you can sip on the terrace as an aperitif or enjoy in the warmth of a Le Castellet evening. Friendly and welcoming.